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Are you experiencing behavioral challenges with your child? We are here to provide more information and support.
Northern Behavioral Solutions in Montcalm County, MI offers early intervention & traumatic brain injury therapy for patients of all ages. Our in-home and community-based treatment team will meet with your child to understand their individual behavioral challenges and create a plan to address those challenges.

We aim to reach patients in remote areas, which is why our treatment team will travel to you. You can make an appointment for a free consultation when you call 267-300-4857 today.

We also offer caregiver training throughout Montcalm County! 

Watch your child thrive through every stage of development

An behavioral diagnosis often comes at an early age. That means your child's timeline for development can alter drastically. Which is where early intervention behavioral therapy comes in. With our treatment plan, we can help foster developmental milestones like:

Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviors

Social and emotional development

Language and communication